Get Up & Fight, Our Plan, Bonus & Team

Updated: Feb 26

Just shy of a year ago, we put into motion our plan for Get Up & Fight, the Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi. Surprisingly, the plan has remained pretty much on target with a few bonuses along the way.

Jean and I extended a work trip to California to fly into Seattle to meet our team. Lara Lavi-Jones set up a day of brainstorming, strategy, steps to success and meeting Thea Chard. Lara Lavi is a brilliant singer/songwriter, promoter, lawyer, grammy winner, amazing friend and hands down one of the top business minds I have ever had the opportunity to work with. We left Seattle knowing the path to fulfill the commitment Jean made to Rusty to publish her memoir was set.

Recently, I realized that although we had a plan in place and it kept our team focused on our goals that we never shared it. So, I updated the web site to include the topic book which details our plan for review which also includes some of our bonuses and our ability as a great team to adapt to current quickly.

Talking about bonuses, we had the unique and exciting opportunity to work with Robyn Makinson the senior designer with TBWAChiatday out of New York. Another amazing talent added to our team, Robyn affectionately referred to our work as her passion project. How lucky are we?!?! We are super excited for the global release which will include her design on the cover and full jacket!! It has been hard to keep it under wraps and I have been dying to show my parents, but soon it will be shared.

Adapting has been a strength for our team. Originally, we were to fly back to Seattle to work with Lara Lavi and family to record the audio book in her studio. We all know why that can not happen currently. So, Jean and I built this mini sound booth and have another young talent joining our team, Cameron Lavi-Jones to edit, sound bites etc. Cam is the lead singer with King Youngblood and born with a guitar in his hands, a pure natural guitarist, Jimi Hendrix type talent.

Also, Thea Chard with Allshewrote productions, we could not be here without her will be leading the charge on everything, including the audio book and is overall an awesome person, friend and really the glue to the Project Rusty team.

Please take a look at all the new updates on the web site, I also added a page,

"Rusty". We designed a set of photos, and when clicked on, they describe why we chose to highlight these particular pictures. We are fortunate to have a ton of archival memories and wanted to share some of our favorites.

Lastly, I updated the landing page with the video of Billie Jean King, WOW!!! Our deepest gratitude to Billie Jean for endorsing, "Get Up & Fight"! She is truly an amazing person and I am enamored with her friendship.

We are still digging out from the snow on the east coast, but have a couple of must attend events coming up so please stay tuned and enjoy this beautiful day!