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Dr. Jean Kanokogi made three promises to her mother Rusty Kanokogi:


(1) Finish her PhD., (2) Care for her father and (3) Publish Rusty’s story

In 2009, Jean Kanokogi had no idea what the relentless pursuit of these commitments would lead to. In all reality, how could she?   

In self-publishing ‘Get Up & Fight, the memoir of Rusty Kanokogi’, many may think this completed the list. For Dr. Jean, this was only the beginning of her influential journey. She kicked off her journey of inspiring others and leading thought change by bringing some of the world together during the 2020 Pandemic. Collaborating with the amazing team at the International Judo Federation (IJF), Dr. Jean and the IJF celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the First Women’s Judo Tournament during a two-day on-line event with participants from 15 countries.

Dr. Jean amplified Rusty’s story by all means possible! She appeared on podcasts, interviews, social media and including the first in-studio Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts:

Get Up And Fight on Good Morning America
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Dr. Jean, a Senior Special Agent for the U.S. Government, and voluntary Director of Mental Health for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), witnessed a spike in law enforcement suicides.


It was time to put her PhD. in Psychology into action and help her brothers and sisters in blue.  Dr. Jean has and continues to work with several members of Congress and their respective staff to pass bipartisan bills to directly support the mental health and wellness of Federal Law enforcement and other first responders. Most recently, the COPS ACT – Confidential Opportunities for Peer Support Act signed into law on November 18, 2021

Dr. Jean Kanokogi keynote speech, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, The 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  

Dr. Jean understands first-hand the devastating effects of PTSI – Post-traumatic stress injury as a first responder and lead investigator of the  terroristic acts of 9/11.


Through her multi-dynamic experiences, Dr. Jean has found & embraces her Ikigai “reason for being”. She shines brightest as an inspirational speaker motivating others to find their own Get Up & Fight. In all arenas, from small boardroom settings to the large stages and stadiums, she relishes in the opportunity to positively impact others in her unique way of engaging her audience like she is speaking directly to you. Peppering in real life experiences, guaranteeing laughter with her quick wit humor, and “a-ha” moments by sharing Japanese philosophies taught to her by father, Ryohei Kanokogi of samurai lineage.   


In each presentation, Dr. Jean brainstorms with decision makers, completes relentless research, and prepares a specific narrative to reach the audience as she places a high value of the importance of her work.

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