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Ganbatte Kudasai - “Do your best, please”

Dr. Jean hones in on her Japanese culture and engages her audience to look inward to display the best version of themselves. She encourages each person, through self-reflection, to find their authentic version of who they are, how they can be the best version of themselves, resulting in a happier and self- actualized life.   


In Japanese, the phrase Ganbatte Kudasai (do your best please) is often used to encourage people to always do their best in everything they do. What does it mean to do your best?  


Most have the mindset of try as hard as you can or to do it as well as you can. In a lot of cases, this is true, but Dr. Jean challenges her audience to not limit doing our best to external forces, let us take our “do our best” to a global approach. Dr. Jean presents how to take a proactive approach to and be our best by utilizing mindset and resilience skills, living our best life, finding our purpose, capitalizing on our strengths, building our emotional intelligence skills, evaluating neuroplasticity and much more.

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