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Emotional Intelligence & Rapport Building

Throughout her career and educational studies, Dr. Jean understood the high value that rapport building and emotional intelligence affects all aspects of one’s life.  In the ever-increasing days of technology, the institution of these life skills is critical to re-engage the warmth of interaction, team workplace success and the authentication of inter-personal relationships. A happy employee is productive, and Dr. Jean will challenge the audience to look at situational leadership from different perspectives.  


Rapport is a relaxed relationship building technique designed to encourage responsive disclosure. This technique develops a working relationship built on reciprocal courtesy, consideration, and active listening skills. Dr. Jean provides an overview of the application of establishing rapport and then incorporating these skills into conversations using emotional intelligence (EI).  


Dr. Jean highlights how Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotions of people around you. In today’s climate of personal disconnect, the importance of these life tools, both emotional intelligence and building rapport, can certainly bridge the gap of connection, re-engaging warmth and empathy among communities.

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