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Dr. Jean Promoted to Sixth Degree Black Belt by USA Judo

Happy Friday!! Dr. Jean Kanokogi promoted to Sixth degree Black belt by USA Judo. Both Jean and I were caught by complete surprise by her father, Kanokogi Sensei. Trust me, it's hard to surprise a federal agent, but a samurai has just the right timing.

We had a typical fun day with the Kanokogi clan enjoying Shabu-Shabu at our favorite place in Queens, NY. I totally love the tradition of Shabu-Shabu in Japanese culture a must try for everyone. Delicious! For once, I was keeping up with Kanokogi Sensei with the shrimp, clams, kale, broccoli cooking in the broth not knowing he was slightly distracted. This respected man can eat!

Not to my surprise I fizzled out in the end and napped on our ride back to Brooklyn. When we returned to the Kanokogi home, Sensei distracted us with a few items including an original signed softball from the US vs Japan softball tournament back in the 80s which of course woke me right up.

Suddenly, Kanokogi Sensei handed Jean a red & white belt and said, "congratulations my daughter, Jean you have been promoted." The look on that man's face complete pride and Jean's look of complete shock was totally priceless. To top it off, Sensei Kanokogi presented Jean with both his and Rusty's original sixth degree belt. What an honor for Dr. Jean!

I am so happy to witness a great father/daughter moment of true honor and respect. Dr. Jean totally deserves the promotion as well. She has been relentless in helping others in the sport of Judo and bringing it to light in the USA - Good morning America interview is still cruising in views.

Thank you to USA Judo for approving her promotion. More news to come, thank you for being a part of our journey with the Project Rusty team. Get up, Get out & Enjoy this beautiful day!


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