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"I want you to know your mother is Part of us all" - Judoka from original FWWJC celebrating 40th

As promised, I wanted to start sharing some of the stories forwarded to us that is keeping us energized as we finish up the final edits, layouts, etc. of Get Up & Fight ~The Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi ~ The Mother of Women's Judo.

Leading up to the 40 Anniversary of the original First Women's World Judo Championships, I am going to attempt to post as many of these stories as I can. I feel it is important to share the impact this has had on all of us.

This first share is from a Judoka who wishes her name not to be used as she is private, but felt empowered to share this with us. Also, she is from one of the original international teams so I wanted to keep her exact verbiage so read through the translation issues. This is inspiring to us so thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone. The message was truly touching:

"And took part of the frist world Championships in New York

I didn’t realise that Rusty worked so hard for this.

But it is not to late to remember her for this .

I was member of the _____team .

After the contest I went to see Rusty in a big room in the hotel.

It was as if she knew me ..

I told her that I wanted to stop with judo competition .

She told me I shouldn’t .

“you are so young !”

After all these years I understand what she wanted to make me understand .

She never had the possibility to become a world champion .

But I think that she is a part off us all. 

Somewhere in our hearts .

I don’t like  to put my personal feelings

But I want you to know that your Mom will always be a part of me ....."

Picture From the Original WWJC - Athletes March


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