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In honor of Women's History Month the Rusty Kanokogi, Get up & Fight Contest

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

In honor of Women's History Month, we are giving away 100 free digital copies of the Global release of Get Up & Fight, the Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi. Be one of the first 100 readers to access the global release, the ebook will be available for purchase on March 30th for all!

We are super excited about the Global release! The project Rusty team felt what a great way to honor the many women who built the foundation for all of us. The contest will run till March 25th and the 100 recipients will be selected at random.

To read further details about the Global release, please visit

Personally, I want to thank all who have submitted the reviews on Amazon. I can not express how rewarding it is for us to read all the positive feedback, really thank you! Also, the messages we have received from so many, Thank You Very Much! It feels like any time one of us needs a little pick me up, in comes a random positive message that makes us smile huge. It truly means a lot to us.


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