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Jocelyn Triadou: Gold Medalist 1WWJC, Legend & A True Fighting Spirit

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Recently released article by Nicolas Messner with the IJF, Jocelyn Triadou, The Rage to Win is another do not miss read. Jocelyn Triadou shares the varied emotional aspects of her legendary rise to the top of the world Judo platform after her gold medal win at the Women's First World Judo Championships and captured in words only like Nico can.

Nico shared the consistent pattern of the mentor influencer at a young age, typically a mother or father that exists for all high performing athletes. This call out is so accurate and consistent throughout the sports' world and women in general who perform at the top of their career path.

For me, it was my dad. I laughed with Jean at the warm memories of taking a few 100 ground balls from different surfaces all at my back-hand. My father would say "anyone can make the play with their glove-hand you will be a true champion when you make that play up the middle". (I was a second baseman although I played all 9 positions at some point). The different surfaces were the slanted small side yard, the asphalt in the street basically anywhere we could practice. : ) Thank you Dad for being my mentor for all aspects in life.

I also would like to expand on Nico's reflection. I am feeling a consistency in these interviews of a fighting spirit which is something that can not be taught just exists deep down:

"We were fighting for ourselves, obviously, but also we fought against a system. Our strength was our cohesion. We wanted the same rights as men. It's that simple." - Jocelyne

Also, a deep sense of empathy:

"I remember the pain it must have been for Barbara Klassen, my runner-up because twice she had to go up on the second step. It was a moment of both immense joy and sorrow. We had fought, but we were one family." - Jocelyne

I did not give too much away trust me this is an excellent read, as you prep for your coming week:


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