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Spirit of a Samurai, Ryohei Kanokogi; "I was beat up as young child so my father took me to Judo"

Those close to Kanokogi Sensei refer to him as a Saint, somehow each time I spend time with him I learn more about him and the Kanokogi family. It is through my relationship with Roy, Jean's father, that has given me an opportunity to truly know "Rusty's fighting spirit". Modesty is such a genuine personality trait of Roy and it is so evident in this amazing read on a glimpse in the life of the man that stood with Rusty through all the adversity to right a wrong. Kanokogi Sensei was bullied as a child, he would not tell, but when the evidence was overwhelming his father took him to learn Judo. For me this share truly touches me and in this article, I learn even more about the man we call saint. Thank you again to Nico and the IJF for their continued support of our mission of Project Rusty. Link to article below:


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