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Talks + Program of the Japan Society April 7th at 6:30 PM EST

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful start to the spring, goodness it was a tough winter here on the north east. We are not complaining though. We finally put the snowblower to good use.

Tonight, I wanted to touch base with everyone about a major event coming up. We are super excited to be asked by the Japan Society to present on the Talks + program on April 7th at 6:30 PM EST. This is a great honor for the Project Rusty team and the Kanokogi family. We would love to get massive support for this event. There is a pre registration requirement so I wanted to get the link out to everyone. So, please put down the BBQ tongs, beers and register now at:

The Japan Society's Talks+ Program examines vital issues and themes in modern Japanese art, culture, and design. Programming is designed to inform and to provide a gateway through which Americans can appreciate the powerful global influence of Japan’s culture and its many trend-defining artisans. Our programs bring together experts and practitioners for provocative discussions on diverse topics including aesthetics, consumer culture and cuisine.

Jean began preparing for this presentation weeks back so it will be unique and prepared specifically for our friends at the Japan society. I can confirm the beginning of her presentation is a bang and is a not to be missed event.

Please join us for "The Fight for Women's Judo: Rusty Kanokogi's Story"

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