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We are super excited to release our Rusty Kanokogi collector's challenge coin.  In Rusty's country, the  challenge coin designates an honor bestowed to receipient as being a part of a greater good.  Typically, has the unit's insginia or logo.  This coin has been designed & released with Side A - the original logo for the Women's First World Judo Championship as well as our current logo for Project Rusty.  Side B - was designed with a black belt surrounding the world depicting how far her efforts reached.  The coins were manufactured by an authentic Challenge coin supplier & exclusively design by us.  All proceeds go directly back into our mission of telling the story of Rusty Kanokogi.   

The size is approximately 1 3/4" or 4.445 centimeters.  It has a nice depth to it visually and also has a nice weight to it.  Our challenge coins are designed with two sides per coin as shown in photos.  Edition size is 500 currently. 

Rusty Kanokogi Collectors Challenge Coin

  • ***Select your shipping destination in the view cart section for an accurate reflection on costs.  Domestic US Shipping typically is $5.50 for coins & is based on overall weight.  Internationally Shipping is unfortunately more expensive and depends on your location

    The final cart will automatically calculate your shipping based on the location product is shipped to.  If you would like to ship in large bulk, please contact us at for discounted rates.  Thank you.

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