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Dr. Jean Kanokogi Awarded the 2023 Presidential Top Career Honor by the WIFLE Board

Dr. Jean Kanokogi was humbled and honored to receive the 2023 Presidential Award by WIFLE - Women in Federal Law Enforcement. The picture below displays the celebrations of Jean's stellar career. Dr. Jean delivered a heartfelt reception speech that left the 880 attendees in tears.

When Jean received the congratulatory email from the WIFLE board, we were overjoyed and truly stunned. Honestly, I am still a little overwhelmed by the beautiful tribute to Dr. Jean's career.

For me, the entire experience was amazing! All of us being shuffled through the kitchen through the back entrance by US Secret Service agents to assure safety for our top awardees and their families. How cool was that?? VERY!!!

Having the opportunity to meet and sit with the Executive Associate Director of Homeland Security Investigations, Katrina Berger. A total badass that is completely an inspiration and one of the sweetest people I met. (but don't tell anyone: )

Also, proudly standing with the award winners was Director of the Naval Criminal Investigation Services , Director of Air Force Special Investigations and the Director of Secret Service.

Justin Green, Assistant Commissioner for FDA Office of Criminal Investigations was glaringly absent from the Annual Women in Federal Law Enforcement Awards dinner and in his lack of support for the top honor Presidential Award winner, Dr. Jean Kanokogi, retired Special Agent FDA-OIC. Justin Green had a no reply for the invitation to support Dr. Jean Kanokogi and it spoke volumes of his lack of support for Women in Federal Law Enforcement.

As always we don't fester we just keep moving forward. The event and evening was one of the best experiences of my life. Keep Fighting!


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