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Dr. Jean Kanokogi Inspires Globally on International Women's Day

Tbilisi, Georgia were the first two words I heard. Before “Tbil” was out of Jean’s mouth, I was an absolute YES!

Our amazingly awesome friend, Betsy Brantner Smith referred us to the State Department as another possible keynote speaker at the 10th Annual International Women’s Day Police Conference. Oh, hell YES!

We met with our contact at the State Department who is another genuine and amazing human being. I am proud to share that he was able to see clips and learn all about Dr. Jean on our newly redesigned web site. He shared with me later “going into our meeting he would be thrilled to have both Sgt. Betsy and Dr. Jean as keynote speakers!” We were instant friends.

Next, Jean ran the location past several friends in position of immediate knowledge of current state of the country. Everyone agreed Tbilisi is safe to travel and do not miss this opportunity to see a beautiful country. I was stunned to learn it was an all safe by all.

What people may not realize is Special Agent Jean Kanokogi was not able to travel to countries not on her approved fly list. A country like Georgia would have been a no due to the location next to Russia and close to Ukraine. Now, that Dr. Jean is retired from the federal government we are now able to take Rusty’s story global.

Jean and I promised to see the world together and off we go………


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