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Dr. Jean Presenting at WIFLE today

Hello, Phoenix - Dr. Jean Kanokogi presenting today at the Women in Federal Law Enforcement conference. Wake UP! has become a strong subject for Dr. Jean as she continues to explore her strengths as an inspirational leader.

Dr. Jean ran through her presentation yesterday with Brenda Wilson and I. We both were in awe and for once I had nothing to contribute except it is absolutely perfect!

Dr. Jean has a unique approach to all her presentations and tailors her core subjects to each audience. Her natural humor is always one of my favorite attributes when she steps on the stage to inspire others to Get Up & Fight!

If you are attending #Wifle2022 , do not miss Dr. Jean speaking at the Grand ball today at 10:30. We love Arizona! People are so nice here in Phoenix and we even got a chance to attend an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Thank you #1sttix for celebrating our heroes. Stop & thank a vet today, trust me they appreciate it!

Enjoy this beautiful day, our next stop Washington D.C. for the International Association of Asian America Professionals. #NAAAPLC22


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