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Excellent Speaker, Dr. Jean Kanokogi, Feeling Inspired......

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Dr. Jean was not sure what to expect going into Phoenix to present at the WIFLE Conference this past week. We had to take a minor break due to a medical issue so we both were really, really happy to be just back.

WAKE Up!! was the presentation this #WIFLE22 conference. We are a part of the WIFLE family and have committed to not missing a year, if possible. Walking into the Grand ballroom, only missing our side kick, Brenda Wilson, it was a Holy Shit! moment for both Jean and I. They packed well over 450 Women in Federal Law Enforcement into the room plus had others lined up standing along the back.

Dr. Jean was dynamic!!! There were tears, tons of laughter and Great Energy throughout the room. Seeing the officers, dignitaries & leaders line up to speak with Dr. Jean further and to get photos really was a surreal moment for me.

The audience did not know that at the same moment Dr. Jean was inspiring her family in blue. A very nasty guy was pleading guilty in the federal court system. Mr. Incarceratis the criminal that caused Jean to miss Thanksgiving Dinner with our family. Mr. Incarceratis pled guilty to his egregious crimes against humanity. Bravo!

Dr. Jean brought everything into her presentation: amazing energy, beautifully timed humor, personalized anecdotes and heck even sleep masks backed by FLEOA.

We both totally loved our time in Arizona and in a flash onto Washington, D.C. Dr. Jean fireside chat at the #IAAAP40 conference on #STOP Xenophobia #STOP Asian Hate Crimes. Another packed room of approximately 250 with additional lining along the back again.

You could feel the deep emotional ties as Dr. Jean instructed the audience to yell #STOP in unison at #Asianhatecrimes This was not planned by Dr. Jean and it was this exact moment that I knew: Dr. Jean Kanokogi has found her Ikigai!

Next onto, Oklahoma City, Howdy to our a friends at Oklahoma..

Check out the reel, I put together: #keepfighting


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