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Jane Bridge - Gold Medalist First World Judo Champion & Best technique award in her words

Each and every article I read by Nicolas Messner just grows the love for Nico. He has a truly natural ability to capture the spirit of those he interviews through his written words. Today, he delivers on expressing the survival instinct of Jane Bridge, one of the original gold medalist at the First Women's World Judo Championships in NY, NY in 1980.

I have to make one more personal comment before getting to the article. The irony is I have been reading for two straight days and we are sooo darn close to releasing the advanced readers' copy of the Special Edition 40th Anniversary Celebration - Get Up & Fight, The Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi. I literally just read through again the Hysterically funny scenes of Rusty & her crew running to Tiffany's to pick out/purchase the award for the Best Technique. It is way too funny!!!!

Congratulations to Jane for winning this award and being one of the world's first champions, Check out the link to the article below:

"The lines are moving and once again what we did in 1980 contributes to it. When I see women like Lisa Allan at the IJF or Sanda Corac in Croatia, I tell myself that the fight is worth it. Anyway, I'm not complaining. If people judge by appearances it's their problem, not mine." - Jane Bridge


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