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Round II "The Rise of Judo with my Mother, Rusty Kanokogi"

Thank you for joining us for Jean Kanokogi's presentation at the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum yesterday. Wow, the responses and turnout were stunning to us. We so appreciate everyone's support on our mission.

We welcome any additional positive remarks and constructive feedback. Do not hesitate to forward to us at I promise you we have read them all and are so thankful for all the amazing feedback.

Our sister Eve Aronoff-Trivella from the 88 Olympic team loved the presentation and recommended more information about Jean in our next presentation. We agree and will implement. Thank you, Eve!

And Wow, how about that share from Joe Marchal also from the 88 Olympic team. I had to grab a box of tissues on the rewatch of this portion. The best was Jean's genuine reaction after the call. I never knew Mom sat with Joe to help him make weight. She never shared that with me. Thank you so much, Joe.

Here's the reality we are pouring in these hours exactly for that moment. Hearing that story from Joe truly makes it special for us. I am going to work hard this week to implement a share point on our web site for more of your stories because It energizes us when we hear the inspiration of Rusty for all.

Getting to my point hence the title, we are going to have round two of the presentation due to the demand of those who were not able to join us yesterday. Stay tuned it will be approximately two weeks and most likely at 1 pm EST due to time frame for our European friends. I must have chuckled to myself at least three times today about Jean's story in Cuba just so you understand why I chose this picture. Thank you.


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