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Storycorps Releases Interview with Three US Judo Stars

Thank you to USA Judo who worked in conjunction with the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum in coordinating the Storycorps Interview with Jean Kanokogi, Marti Mally, and Angelica Delgado.

Angelica Delgado is the youngest on the Panel, on the US team, and a recipient of the Rusty Kanokogi scholarship fund. A grant run by the Women's Sports Foundation in support of Women's Judo to travel to international and national tournaments. Jean happens to volunteer as one of the decision makers on the board and was super excited to touch base with the young star.

Marti Malloy an olympian who won bronze in 2012 London summer games. Marti has a great personality also totally supports other female judokas and their dreams to be on that podium.

The interviewer requests the women to talk amongst themselves, Jean begins to naturally facilitate the conversation. I smile big in these moments seeing/hearing Jean step into the shoes of Rusty Kanokogi as role model. Jean is excited to hear about past, present and future dreams of these young women. This is one of many commendable attributes of Jean Kanokogi that she is there and always will be there for others to reach their potential or to support in times of need. Jean has a true heart of gold.

Please find time to listen to the storycorps interview of the three US Judo stars at:


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