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The Beginning of My Judo Family ~That Lasts a Lifetime ~Thank you for the Journey

In the news today, the International Judo Federation released another great read titled "Women's Worlds: Happy Anniversary" which includes the links to the two panel celebrations, photo albums and also great quotes from the panelists, our trailblazers. I highly suggest the 90 minute view each day is full of laughs, tears, friendships & total happiness that is must have today.

I wanted to share two quotes from Nicolas Messner's article:

“Rusty gave us the tools to fight for equality and to open doors for others. This journey embraces the triumph of the past but it also celebrates the progress of the future." - Dr. Jean Kanokogi

"We focused on women, but there are a lot of men who supported us and we want to acknowledge them as well. I want to conclude by saying that you lit the torch, you told us to be strong and although the road ahead is tough, you showed us we belong. Happy anniversary everybody." - Dr. Lisa Allan

Eleven months ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said to Jean, "Do what Rusty would do - gather an army. I am right here what do you need me to do?" It all started sorting, scanning, carrying crates, organizing, laughing at the 10 copies if Rusty was really happy about something; laughing even harder when I came across 20 because she was really, really ticked off.

I really loved the fact that I started to know Rusty Kanokogi in a way that I could not know otherwise. Truly, understanding what she sacrificed to pull off the impossible. Also, I began to study the art of Judo - the philosophy, respect, honor through this process, Why wouldn't I?

In the summer, Jean receives a message from Italy requesting the bracket of the original 1WWJC - we happened to have just scanned. Who put us in touch with the wonderful members of the International Judo Federation and our planning begun.

I often say, there is a lot of love for Nico and his amazing expressive talents. ,But it all came together for me this past weekend, I never knew: I would have met a group of people who become life long friends which they call, "The Judo Family".

Please do not miss this article the journey is just the beginning:


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