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"The Rise of Judo with My Mother, Rusty Kanokogi" Thank you for Joining us Tomorrow at 4 pm EST

Thank you for joining us virtual tomorrow at 4pm eastern standard time for Jean Kanokogi's presentation at the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum. We Truly appreciate the support we have received and have been very fortunate to develop some amazing friendships from around the country and world. We have people joining us from all over the world including Australia, wow!

We filled to maximum capacity level on the zoom connection very quickly and our friends at USA Judo has begun a waiting list. Jean Kanokogi has been preparing relentlessly as you might expect from the "Daughter of Women's Judo" and I just got a glimpse of the presentation and chill bumps.

We appreciate all of the support in our mission "to tell Rusty's story to inspire others". On behalf of our team at project Rusty, really Thank you!


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