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Throwback Thursday 1975 article titled: Courses Open New Horizons For Women

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

In the news today I decided to pull a newspaper article featuring Rusty Kanokogi dated September 14, 1975. The article's purposes is to describe a bunch of new classes offered to women to open their horizons.

Although I was only two years old at the time, you might think I would be offended by the actual classes offered: belly dancing, how to check your oil, helping women with decision-making skills, how to be single. Goodness, we have come a long way. I find the article humorous and a great depiction of how far ahead Rusty was verse standard idiosyncrasies.

It also leaves me grateful that I had a father that empowered me to reach for any goal I wish to achieve than to raise me with such futile thoughts. A little shout out to dad and all the men that raised their daughters, to change their oil versus a class to teach you how to check it.

Below is a scan of the article, Enjoy this beautiful fall day.


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