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US Olympic & Paralympic Museum joins the Stronger Together Mission

In the news today, USA Judo, Project Rusty and the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum all team up to plan a day of festivities to honor judo olympians and paralympians. A full day of events are scheduled for this Saturday, October 24th at the USOP museum located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The festivities begin at 10:30 and the day is filled with Judo demonstrations safely (we had a ton of conversations about proper handling of demos), an Olympian & Paralympian march and top the day off by a large screen virtual presentation by Jean Kanokogi, the daughter of Women's Judo presenting about her mother, Rusty Kanokogi. She follows the presentation with a question & answer session.

What's a post without a little reflection, ok yes I confess: I am truly bummed we will not be traveling to Colorado this week. Stay tuned, there is more news to come with our "stronger together" team and I look forward to visiting the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum soon.


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