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Working Hard to Plan the 40th Anniversary of the First Women's World Judo Championship

Friday we were working hard to plan the 40th anniversary celebration of the First Women's World Championship originally organized by our trailblazer, Rusty Kanokogi. Mark your calendars, this will be inspirational, emotional and fun all wrapped up in two days of celebration.

The dates are set the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving November 28th and 29th. So, either escape from the family or join us with your family for the festivities. It will be completely online and filled with surprises. I wish I can divulge more, but I can't. Let's just say each planning meeting we've had some tears even by the guys followed with laughter. We are super excited about how the entire event is coming together. It is truly amazingly helpful to have the support and resources from a worldwide group with the International Judo Federation leading our charge.

Here's a screen shot of some of our team representing Scotland, France, Italy, New York, Colorado, New Jersey. We have been fortunate to develop friendships across the world and look forward to sharing our celebration of Rusty Kanokogi and her relentless efforts to pull off the impossible; the First Women's World Judo Championship. Please stay tuned.


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