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Rediscover Your Fighting Spirit with Award-winning Author and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Jean Kanokogi

Is your team lacking motivation, innovation and/or focus on their path? Wake Up! With Dr. Jean Kanokogi, who continues to energize audiences globally with her dynamic engaging presentation style. Mixing in her Japanese culture and Judo Philosophy, providing mental health and wellness tools, and sharing the story of her mother, Rusty Kanokogi, an ordinary woman who changed the world.

STOP! The burnout and propel your workforce to Get Up & Fight, with Dr. Jean as she continues her mother’s legacy by positively impacting corporations, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities with her unique approach to inspirational leadership. Please get in touch to book Dr. Jean for a speaking engagement about how we can elevate your team for success. Read Rusty Kanokogi’s story in her voice, Get Up & Fight, the Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi, co-authored by Jean Kanokogi, PhD. Purchase your book today.

Dr. Jean’s highlighted speaking topics:
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Resilience & Growth Mindset

Emotional Intelligence & Rapport Building

Ganbatte Kudasai - “Do your best, please”

Sleep Strategies

Stress Management

Tim Hart, Senior Conference Director, RISE, FRA, ARK & CW Events

Jean gave a powerful keynote address at the FRA inaugural Women in Law Enforcement Summit in Nashville, TN. She captured the attention of the crowd with her experience, knowledge and thought-provoking content, inspiring female professionals in a challenging industry. Jean would enhance any program that she speaks on and is an astounding role model for the future of female policing.

Catherine W. Sanz, President, WIFLE Foundation, Inc

Dr. Jean expertly embraced the principles of gender equity and inclusive diversity as she engaged our conference attendees with the story of Rusty Kanokogi rising from ordinary to extraordinary in her battle for equality.  Scheduling her on opening night successfully set the tone for the entire conference.  She was masterful in her use of humor and camaraderie to segway into the critical, sensitive and difficult nature of our breakout sessions.

Brenda Wilson, Vice President-Strategy & Development, FEDS Protection

She’s simply fascinating.  Dr. Jean’s ability to provoke introspection and inspire the toughest of audiences is absolutely masterful.  With so much vivacity, she shares wisdom and insight through her story of equality, empowerment, resilience, purpose, love, respect, will and humanity – all borne out of Judo and Japanese philosophies. I heard the laughs and saw the tears of the men and women around me but it wasn’t until I felt their embraces that I appreciated the unique combined power of this mother/daughter duo and the extensive impacts of their relentlessness pursuits.


Jason Briefel, Director of Policy and Outreach, Senior Executives Association

Dr. Jean Kanokogi is an authentic, strong, compassionate woman leader. Speaking from her experiences as a federal law enforcement special agent, a judo master, a gender-barrier breaker, volunteer leader for mental health and peer support services, Dr. Jean will engage any audience she is with. I have seen her deliver keynotes, serve on panels, and lead collaborative workshop-style discussions. She’s been a hit every time, with insights right on target. Dr. Jean is the real deal.

Keith Bryant, CEO, USA JUDO

Dr. Jean Kanokogi helped USA Judo Celebrate World Judo Day as the first group to host such an event at the newly opened US Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs.  To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the first Women’s World Championship by having the daughter of the “Mother of Judo” (Jean’s Mom, Rusty) present on the historical significance her mom, family and friends played in bringing women into competitive judo was a perfect match.  Jean captivated a large group of people through here virtual presentation sharing intimate stories and visuals representing the tenacity, resolve and passion her mother had in overcoming the odds to launch the worldwide women’s judo movement.

Dr. Joshua W. Walker, President & CEO, Japan Society

Dr. Jean Kanokogi is a true force! I had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions at Japan Society as part of our Passing the Torch Tokyo 2020 Olympics programming. She led a powerful and inspirational online event titled “The Fight for Women’s Judo: The Rusty Kanokogi Story” and she was a featured speaker and guest at our in-person Olympic watch party for VIPs, the Japanese Ambassador and staff. She told the compelling story of Rusty and how she became the mother of women's judo but she is strong and dynamic in her own right. She is an engaging speaker who expertly weaves insight, compassion and strength through her stories of empowerment, resiliency, love, humanity, breaking barriers and equality. Dr. Kanokogi would be an asset to any event – she is able to connect with and have a lasting impact on every individual in attendance.”

Get Up And Fight on Good Morning America

In "Get Up & Fight," Rena "Rusty" Kanokogi’s daughter, Jean, celebrates Rusty’s life and career -- on and off the mat.

Dr. Jean Kanokogi Interview with Robin Roberts
on GMA Good Morning America

Get Your Get Up & Fight 

Billie Jean King's Endorsement

"I got the Rusty Kanokogi story that her daughter wrote, Jean. It is fantastic. I love Rusty Kanokogi"

- Billie Jean King

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