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Super Excited to Share Project Rusty Approved as Minority Women Business Enterprise Today!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I am totally excited to share the news officially today we were approved as a MWBE - Minority Women Business Enterprise!!! I started the process back in April and I have to admit that it is a very grueling process. Although, I am truly happy they really have in place many checks and balances to assure other companies do not falsify this representation.

I also believe they put you through the ringer so this day feels so special. It was pretty cool a very nice gentleman left a sweet message to congratulate us that Project Rusty was officially approved today as a recognized MWBE. I am definitely keeping that message forever along with my sweet happy birthday message from my nephew back when he could barely say the words happy birthday.

They are mailing out the certificate on Thursday and I will proudly display it on our web site once received. One of the business aspects we were looking to pursue was distributing Get Up & Fight, the Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi, the Mother of Women's Judo throughout Universities and Colleges. Having this certification eases the procurement process as well the colleges receive an incentive by utilizing MWBE companies and totally supports our mission of telling Rusty's Story. Win/Win. If you have any contacts that will support this mission, please do not hesitate to reach out to me just like Rusty all resources welcomed. Enjoy this beautiful day, we are getting lucky here on the East coast with a run of great weather.


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