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"Everyone Has a Purpose in Life, But Not Everyone is Blessed to Discover What It Is" - Kym Hampton

Kym Hampton legendary WNBA megastar, model, actress, motivational speaker and also something you may not know about her an amazingly, beautiful singer. It is really simple I am a huge fan of Kym both on and off the court.

Kym is an elite athlete that is also a bit on the quiet side about her accomplishments. I admire this. For me, I can not get past the talk of the Deion Sanders or Terrell Owens of the world to see if they have any real talent.

The below photo of Jean, Kym and Collette Smith still makes me feel a little sad. As, I was hobbling in my heals to wait in line for the restroom at the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner. I missed meeting Kym and Collette, but I am sure I will have the opportunity again. They both are amazing pioneers for Women and Equality. The good news is I got a chance to talk with Julie Foudy as I waited in line.

As we were packing another bunch of pink envelopes filled with Get Up & Fight, The Memoir of Rusty Kanokogi and thank you by the way we have been busy. We have sold books every single day since we received the first edition. I apologize I fell behind on my newsletter, but I am making a commitment to the Project Rusty Team that all initial updates of the book and our plans will be here first (I also have a few articles to get out to you). But this post is about Kym.

Today we received this Blurb from Kym Hampton and she could not be any more on point. It has totally struck me all day. She is so correct, discovering your purpose is truly a blessing:

"Everyone has a purpose in life but not everyone is blessed to discover what that is. At an early age, Rusty Kanokogi's purpose was extremely clear. Rusty boldly lived her purpose by not only changing the world of Judo, but the sexist inequalities of the world. Rusty Kanokogi is the true meaning of GIRL POWER!!!”

-Kym Hampton, WNBA legend, global ambassador for women's basketball, model, singer and motivational speaker.


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