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Get Up & Fight Shirt order yours now

Get Up & Fight shirts now available for order on our website online store only. The shirts have a sporty look and an under armor feel without the big ticket price. We went through many mock up options and this was the biggest hit design on Facebook. It is also now nephew tested and approved as an ultimate comfort. Trust me, he is as picky as I am when it comes to must be comfortable to be worn.

The shirts also have a custom embroidered logo depiction of Rusty Kanokogi following through on her best known throw Harai-goshi. Prior, to deciding on the best shirt for our get up & fight a bunch of us wore the shirt to assure the logo does not rub you and after several washes it still looks great!

Please do not hesitate to order your size today:

Thank you for your support we sure do appreciate it! Enjoy this beautiful day - Project Rusty team


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