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Rusty had the Strength, Soul & Spirit That Inspired US To Do & Make The 1WWJC a Success

Wow, what another amazing article by Nicolas Messner with the IJF - Peter Perazio: Pushing Fatigue to Dream Bigger. Peter was one of Rusty's students and her left hand man for everything to make the Women's First World Judo Championships happen and be a success for all.

Peter was also the photographer for the original and also current logo. He provides amazing insight on the commitments all had to make to pull off this amazing event 40 years ago. I love the feel of the true strength of leadership by Rusty in the words of Peter.

It also reminds me of one of my favorite parts of the Memoir in my reread after all this work completed by the dynamic duo - Jean Kanokogi, co author with Rusty and Thea Chard our editor (designer, organizer, our Peter Perazio) with All She Wrote Productions. Editor is just not enough to describe Thea's all out commitment to our project. The portion of Get Up & Fight, the memoir where in Rusty's words she describes the events, mishaps, craziness leading up to the 40th 1WWCJ. Rusty's intent was to thank all that made this possible. Jean and Thea also gives the reader the actual feel of Rusty's relentless, sense of urgency. Well done!

If you have a friend or family member down & out send them this article, it has to inspire them to get up & fight! Merci Nico for another brilliant piece of writing : )


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