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Global book launch with Judoka World Champions & Fundraiser for Animals

Please join us June 5th at 12:00 pm EST for our global launch of Get up & Fight, the memoir of Rusty Kanokogi. We put in place global distribution for our international friends and family and wanted to celebrate the official release with all star team of Judokas.

The event will be a virtual event through zoom and are excited to announce our six panelist team:

Eve Aronoff-Trivella - 1988 US Judo Olympic team member, unoffically adopted by Rusty Kanokogi as her second daughter & trained under Rusty since she was in her teens.

Ingrid Berghmans - 1988 Olympic Gold medalists, 8 times Belgium Sportswoman of the year, & 1980 gold medalist 1WWJC

Dawn Netherwood - Member of the British Judo team, now lives in France and silver medalists of 1WWJC.

Heather Farr - Captain of the British Judo team, bronze medal in the European championships and lives in a beautiful area of England.

Cristina Fiorentini - Bronze medalist in European Championships, Lives in Italy, proud owner & Sensei of Scuola Difesa in Rosa dojo in Milan.

Karin Krueger - European Judo champion, Lives in Germany and overall a pure compassionate heart.

If I listed all the accolades of these champion women this note would go on forever, so please join us June 5th at 12:00 PM EST and listen to their genuine answers/stories as Jean Kanokogi interacts with her extended judo family.

A large percentage of the proceeds will go to the Monmouth County Animal & welfare shelter. I dug deep in deciding the best place to donate and the location we adopted our sweet Eddie was just absolutely perfect! They are a non kill shelter listed in NJ, receives no federal funding & when I spoke to the director she was more excited to hear about Eddie vs the funding we are hoping to raise for the MCSPCA.

Yes, we are excited to finally have reasonable shipping globally in place, Yes, we are so looking forward the conversation with these elite athletes & their experiences with Rusty and YES, I am through the roof excited to drop that donation check to help more animals like Eddie find their forever home (and to share some current photos with the director of our boy)

So, Please support our cause, join the conversation this Saturday, June 5th here's the registration link:

Thank you!


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