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Women's Sports Foundation Annual Salute to Women Tonight Livestream & My Reflections

Tonight is the Annual Salute to Women in sports by the WSF a foundation started by Billie Jean King. Rusty Kanokogi was actively involved with the foundation, Jean and I stay actively involve with the WSF as well. It is an amazing group of People and Event.

Today, I reflect on the enjoyable experiences I've had at this event. It is very formal and located at Cipriani Wall Street, New York. At my first event I can't bypass having the opportunity to hear Condoleezza Rice speak live. Simply, Wow, She is one of the most eloquent, graceful, intelligent speakers I have ever had the honor to hear.

That said, what stands out to me at my first event is laughing with my brother the next day. I shared with him that I stumbled up the stairs to the bathroom in my heels and tried to find something that I may have tripped over, but there was nothing. I was still nervous at the time and I looked around the room. Almost every women because they were athletes as well were also stumbling around the room in their heels. I sighed a huge breathe of relief and said to myself I do belong here and had a wonderful time.

I have had a lot of fun over the years and met a lot of great people including Billie Jean and had the opportunity to thank her for her efforts of putting into place Title IX. What stands out to me today is when we sat with Oksana Masters, this women has a heart of warrior. Initially, there is a laugh with it as well. When I introduce myself to Oksana, she was so sweet and apologized that she was not use to sitting with famous, wealthy people. And then it hit me Who Me? Heck No, I am an every day person I'm just lucky to be sitting here. She relaxed and I learned even more about her. Oksana has the strength of an army and has overcome more adversity than most people can even imagine in a lifetime. I encourage you to read about Oksasna she is hands down one of the most inspirational people that exists.

Don't miss this night full of inspirational stories and fun, please join us tonight virtual at:


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